Erasmus Seal for Quality, Vienna 2014

The Erasmus EuroMedia Seal of Approval for outstanding media productions contributing to the development of a European society and value system.

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Intel Recommendation, Germany

Our program has become a part of the IER (Intel Educational Resources) application for Germany in 2014/2015. This is a great recognition to be among the eight best programs.

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Best Educational Tools, Didacta 2015, Hanover

My Book Machine was named as The Best Educational Tools at the DIdacta 2015. fair in Hanover, Germany.

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Comenius EduMedia Seal, Berlin 2015

The Society for Pedagogy and Information has given MBM project a Comenius-EduMedia-Seals for outstanding product in the field of ICT-supported educational media.

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Molim unesite adresu el. pošte vezanu za vaš korisnički nalog. Korisničko ime će vam biti prosleđeno na tu adresu.

MBM Editor

Najlakši način za kreiranje interaktivnih multimedijalnih e-knjiga za školu, posao ili zabavu.

MyBookMachine Editor je alat za brzo i lako objavljivanje sadržaja kroz "žive" digitalne knjige.

Prvi koraci u Editoru




MBM Players (for readers)

In order to read books students / learners / readers don't need to use authoring tools. They read books using free Players:

1. MBM Trial Editor/Player for Windows
2. MBM Players for all browsers
3. MBM Players for all tablets

They look for books in different ways:
1. Authors can send (share) book links
2. Users can search for books using search engines
3. or search for books on specialized portals with thousands book links (as this portal)

On some portals (as this one) users can make their own boook libraries

Keeping Books (for authors)

1. Architects and lawyers, managers and journalists, entrepreneurs and craftsmen - everyone can keep records and links to important files regarding a specific job/event/project/product in just only one MBK file. After a job is done user can free disk space by packing all files into one MBKX file. Do not forget thet it can always be unpacked.

2. To read on other devices - on lectures (teachers or pupils) or presentations (business, art, engineering, cooking) a book must be packed to portable media, server, Cloud, virtual drives, or sent it by an e-mail.

How / Where to Store Books


Sharing Books (for authors)

First, author must decide if he wants to share books to all users or not, and does he wants to sell them or protect them with passwords or to give them for free.

Depending on purpose, books can be shared by several ways. By uploading to:
1. MBM Book Dedicated Clouds/Servers (e.g.
2. Personal Clouds (on a site - school site, company site etc.)
3. or public virtual drives on Google Drive or Dropbox

How / Where to Share Books