With MyBookMachine you can create digital, interactive and multimedia books.

You want to make your lessons more individual, dynamic and interesting?

MyBookMachine is the answer to these needs and can help you in the implementation! 

Whether alone or together with your students: With MyBookMachine create vibrant, digital books, teaching materials, workbooks or E-Booklets.
This tool simplifies both the classes, as well as your school life - From interactive student newspaper about a multimedia school yearbook or an individual teacher / student book to dynamic presentation book or E-Unit.

Create your interactive book with thematic images and videos, contemporary contributions, cutting edge events, tailored to your students interactive pages and much more ... all this increases the joy of learning - your students and your colleagues will love it!

Then you wait as advanced trainer / long time. Now you can quickly easily complex, extensive facts and vividly

• represent: so captivate your audience's attention
• Introducing thus making sober Information alive
• Edit the active publish: thereby encourage your listeners to join in and improve results

MyBookMachine makes you started easy. Test the program for free and check out will soon be free Demo books.

What is one of the highlights of MyBookMachine?

Your embedded content, you can easily provided with actions. What does that mean?
Ask yourself Just once:
"What I would like a reader to if he sees e.g. click on one of the pictures? Should it be a private video or a linked YouTube video, a Word document, or start of a Master Tool exercise? Then assign the image easy to the appropriate action.

In order no longer exist Your Books henceforth provide only text and images but also from audios, videos, weblinks, Master Tool exercises, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, .doc files, GeoGebra exercises etc.

So easy to produce amazing books for PC, tablet, laptop and networks its:
1. Looking from a matching page templates ...
2. Add one page text, video, images, tasks, audios, graphics, interactions added ...
3. Save and publish your book!

And the best part: You can change your book at any time later and / or expand.
This makes you more flexible and adaptable!

As an author, you are using the authoring tool. Your students / readers on the other hand open the finished book with the free MyBookMachine player. Determine prepare lessons for yourself whether you want to put your books on the "reading and working through" is available, or whether they are to be further processed and modified by your students. Just as you want to!

Among the advantages of MyBookMachine counts:
• It is easy to use: which saves you valuable time
• It is constantly being expanded by new functions: So you are in the area of ​​e-books always up-to-date
• allows the simplest publishing: print without the inconvenience, copy and distribute as you are efficient and environmentally friendly

This is made possible an extensive selection of digital templates already provide suggestions for the page layout. Text and image, text and video, image and video, text and Tasks ... Choose from many different combinations of the right one for you submission. So your pages quickly fill with contents of all types and are linked with the matching files.

MyBookMachine is quite used variably:
Even in the private and professional usability of this software are unrestricted. From Family Photo Album Video to Mach-equal-to-cookbook from the reference work with speech function to animated children's book, from the product idea with understandable avowed Audio Guide to the digital post-processing of seminars, including all documents ...

Anyway you MyBookMaschine use, one thing is sure you: The praise of your audience!

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Please note:
With the educational licenses of the Editors Only - free for the end user - content for education are created. Creator of commercially utili