Creating Personal Book Cloud on your server

  1. Using admin rights on your server create folder wher you want to keep your books 
    e.g. www.yoursite.domain/subdomain/yourname/etc/etc
  2. copy this file to created folder which will become your Book Cloud root folder
    - edit this php file in order to change your username and password

And this is it. You have made your Personal Book Cloud

Uploading your book to your Personal Book Cloud on your server

  1. choose book you want to upload to your Personal Book Cloud
  2. unpack it on your computer (during unpacking choose a new folder)
  3. using FTP program, create a new folder in your Book Cloud root folder
    e.g. www.yoursite.domain/subdomain/yourname/etc/etc/myfirstbook
  4. upload unpacked files to this folder

Your book paths

Your book link will be full path of your book's folder
e.g. www.yoursite.domain/subdomain/yourname/etc/etc/myfirstbook

Now, you can share this book link.