There are several ways to save and share a book

You can use local drives, portable drives, virtual drives, servers and clouds to keep and organize books. And always with possibility to share them

When you finish a book, you can pack it and save in MBKX format.

After that you can store it on a disk, some virtual drives or some Cloud solution.

Also you can share your books, too.

If you want to play a book only on your computer

1. leave a book in unpacked (mbk) or packed (mbkX) format and open it whenever you want with your MBM Editor/Player for Windows.

If you want to play a book on more than one computer (in your home or company)

1. you must use only packed (mbkX) format - and open it whenever you want with free MBM Trial Editor/Player for Windows (which must be installed on all cumputers).

If you want to send a book to your colleagues or friends

1. if they have FREE Player for Windows

  • you can send them a packed book (in MBKX format) - by email, on USB drive etc.

2. if they don't want to download our free native MBM Player for Windows, but still want to read your book

  • upload the book on your server or some of virtual drives such as
    • Google Drive (every book will have it's own Public Folder)
    • Dropbox (only in it's Public Folder)
  • send shared link to to your friends

3. they can use shared links to open it with all browsers (on all operating systems)

4. if they read the book on Android or iOS (iPad) tablets

  • the best way is to install our free Players for tablets (recommended because of lot of possibilities)
  • or they can use shared link to open the book with browsers (not recommended)